Clare Gaylard Artisan Glass 

Lampwork Glass, Jewellery and Wearable Art, created by me: Clare Gaylard in my Suffolk studio.

'The echo knows all languages'                                                                                              Finnish Proverb 

I develop the themes that inspire me into collections that include sketches, paintings, flamework jewellery, vessels and the sculptures I call 'Totems'. My Totems take the form of fixed sculptures or loose groups of elegantly stacked, wearable, individually made, glass elements on a stand. 

Sometimes the abstract, textural or sculptural qualities of the molten glass drives my making. At others I am caught up in a narrative, motif or colourway, frequently exploring a small object as a microcosm or a talisman. 

As an artist and maker I'm engaged in approaching the universal through the particular. I do not copy or mass produce.

Spring Tide





I am a Little World

The Red and the Black

Rock Strata

Midnight Garden


Treasure in the Landscape

Blue & White

Telling the Bees



Lilac Wine