Clare Gaylard Glass 

Lampwork Glass, Jewellery and Wearable Art, created by me: Clare Gaylard in my Suffolk studio.

The echo knows all languages.                                                             Finnish proverb

Sometimes the abstract, textural or sculptural qualities of the molten glass drives my making. At others I'm caught up in a narrative, motif or colourway, frequently exploring a small object as a microcosm or talisman 

I developed my totems as vertical glass sculptures (or stories) that also function as interactively balanced stacks of wearable, sculpted glass elements. Each totem stands alone as a sculpture and operates as a curated jewellery box. 


Prism Rings for Pride

Info & more images to follow £50 a ring and all proceeds from first ten sold go to MindOut LGBTQ mental health service. Thereafter a percentage.

Herb Garden

Blue Sky: Art For Cure 2021

Celestial Bodies and Marginalia:
Love Tokens, Life Tokens, Memento Mori, Vanitas.

Moth 2020
'A myth in velvet dust' 
Emily Dickinson

Source: Spring 2020
'You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.' 
Pablo Neruda


Terra Firma
Amethyst Geode

Love Letter to a Museum & Roman Tomb

'Long afloat on shipless oceans...'
Song to the Siren

'I am a Little World...
made cunningly of elements and an angelic sprite'
John Donne

Sol & Midsummer

Blue & White


Treasure in The Landscape
Local History: Framlingham Castle, Sutton Hoo, drowned cities and burial mounds.
'A Warning to the Curious' by M R James

Nomad & Earth Mother
Sketching at the British Museum

Northern Scotland's coastline and folklore


As an artist and maker I'm engaged in approaching the universal through the particular. All work and ideas are my own, I do not copy or mass produce.